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Indonesia- MINISTER OF National People’s Housing Yusuf Asy’ari states will divide the amount of the increase in the price of a simple home health (RSH), based on zoning. These regulations appear because the cost of housing construction and prices are not uniform in each region. The planned regulations will be reviewed before kuartall completed in 2008 is a response to a request by the increase in house prices Real estate Indonesia (REI) and the Association of Housing and Settlements Nationwide (Apersi) some time ago.

“This zoning plan because increased home prices is not uniform, as well as the price of raw materials,” he said in Jakarta after the MoU between Bapertarum and Asbanda, in Jakarta, yesterday. For Joseph, the price of building materials in Irian far more expensive than the price in Jakarta. However, he can not break down the system of division and zoning are more detailed. In the same opportunity, the Head of State Housing Savings Consideration (Bapertarum) Alisjahbana said there were no plans to increase aid advance for civil servants (PNS)

Jakarta-Indonesia. Housing national plan to develop 21 towers (tower) house owned by the simple (rusunami) in Jakarta. Some construction projects have been started in 2007.

“In Pulo Gebang six tower, tower and 10 in Cengkareng and five tower in Kemayoran,” said Director of Housing Complex Perum Himawan Arief recently.

He said, to offer location, three tower will be developed their own, while 18 other developed together with business partners through capital investment. Currently, six have entered the tower construction and tower foundation in the area of Pulo Gebang have entered the physical development.

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Security Environment
Under the coordination Protective Service Department (PSD), this function is not only the security environment, but also to provide assurance of the comfort area. Synergy between the PSD and the BCD is also required. This synergy will orderly violation of the rules development or renovation.

Relations Society
Social needs such as the administration of residence and the form of the area will be the scope of EM. Specifically, to address various issues related to the needs of the government bureaucracy will management such as ID cards, payment UN, moving house, marriage, and so forth, including the settlement of disputes related to environmental disturbances around

Community Development
Executed by the Community Development Department (CCD), the EM is expected to fully serve and support the activities of area residents by providing various means of media and information.

This information can include activities that cater specifically to people of the region such as the day-to-day with large, clean environment, the structure of the organization and so forth.

Coordination and good communication between the CCD and is expected to improve the quality of residential houses that have been purchased. Function is also not excluded that the owner of the house is not habitable. Besides providing security on the condition of the abandoned house, it certainly supports the home owner selling house-related value.

After Sales Service

During the warranty period is still in, the various problems or damage to the building are under the sales division, which is not the only problem The receipt building is complete.

Various charges related managerial functions such as water bills, trash, and security will also become a burden EM. In addition to facilitate the community, the benefit function can be a source of operational income EM, as the fund management of water supply, hygiene and environmental security

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Yes, even if you live in housing market developers are finished, you have to ensure that EM must continue so that the area is carried out both forever. Of course, all the planning, development steps and efforts can be analyzed to find out more in the future of your dwelling-down and increased the selling price.

Through the EM, the developers manage the area that is often called the area of the city. Consequently, the management does not only implemented in an integrated housing in the area, but also areas such as offices and entertainment centers, golf courses, and shopping malls. Therefore, some functions of the EM is applied properly and you need to know are:

Consumer Services
Under the Customer Service division (CS), door connection between the EM and the area will always be involved with both. Other roles not least, this division is as a source that provides all the information and help complete the needs, difficulties, and the inconvenience.

Building Control
Under the Building Control Department (BCD), the function of interest in EM target construction to maintain the beauty and harmony with each region to control all activities of development and renovation.

BCD will be the entrance to the licensing activities of sustainable development. Scope of duties include the provision of building permits, the examination or a routine inspection, and renovation and construction needs accordingly with the regulations set by the government and the developers own rules, such prohibition to change the face of the building.

Health and Environmental Hygiene
Related health problems and environmental hygiene, EM will function handle various issues related to supervision and maintenance of the electricity, telephone, electrical interference and coordination and improvement of roads or water lines with other institutions such as drinking water company and electric company.

Various process control, distribution, maintenance and quality of water for the residents dwelling day-to-day is also a quality assurance EM. Including, how to become a catalyst EM supervision and maintenance of environmental safety through the concept of recycling household waste belonging to the whole of the area.

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