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Beautify the Minimalist Home

The Minimalist home are very well by the community that this is now practical. How do I choose the furniture and accessories that are appropriate for your home minimalist?

Maintain practical and functional elements to be key in the primary titivate minimalist home.

The selection of appropriate materials can condense to minimalist concept are presented. Furniture such as the glass combined with wrought iron or aluminum, including the many types of furniture used. In addition to the simple shapes, treatment is relatively easy to do.

Curtain was able to support the impression that you want to display in the room. With the kind of roman blind, for example, a light at the same time able to make an impression in the room that dynamic minimalist.

Design firm with a precision that is also a characteristic of the minimalist architecture and furniture. Therefore, select a table or chair that has a simple design, a little, or no Ornament. Ornament with a minimum, the treatment can be easier and more room terksesan match so relieved when applied to the home of tiny minimalist.

Minimalist also can be combined with material from the furniture or the color – the color of wood, such as brown or dark reddish brown that.

The selection of color and pattern also must be careful with, in which color flowers or colors that are too crowded or less in the match when combined minimalist home. Leave tone colors each time to add or change the accessories and furniture in one room.

Reform every accessory and furniture with care, but the room did not try to be impressive too full because it can affirm that you want to impress minimalist created. For example tidy picture frame images using a larger picture, but few in number to provide accents in the room.

Kartini Grand Apartements

Kartini Grand Apartments is located in Kartini Gunung Sahari Steet – Central Jakarta. – Indonesia This apartment is quite cheap and affordable price range starting with 225 million to 500 million rupiahs. Kartini Grand Apartments presents the concept apartment, office and boutique hotels.

Kartini Grand built a 28-floor building, which consists of a 300-room apartment units, 200 units of hotel rooms, and dozens of boutique office units. Apartment prices will slightly increase the price to follow the trend properties. Prices currently range 9 millions rupiahs per meter.

Features and Facilities
Facilities include a swimming pool, fitness and aerobic center, barbeque area, sauna and jacuzzi spa, function rooms, 24 hour security with CCTV, ATM centers, mini markets, drug stores, restaurants, cafes, food court, beauty center, TV cable, laundry, and business areas.

If you are now to build or renovate houses consider the mosaic. For the super-sized ceramic small, ranging from 18×18 mm, has a color, shape and motif of the more interesting. There are about 500 variations of color. The form also vary, there are boxes, hexagon, round, and long terms, with the motive nip, decorative, or random. Matches are used as a dining room decoration, pelapis table or kitchen back panel, on the border wall, floor accessories, during the park, the swimming pool, bathrooms, and others.

Mosaic has many advantages. With burning for 18 hours at the temperature of 2400 degree centigrade into the water absorption rate is very low, only 0006-0,3%. Because of the mosaic that is not easily picked installed, and resistant to weather changes.

Compared with normal color ceramic mosaic also more flash (glosi) and do not easily fade. Each one chip with other chips that are not the same after that will be installed to provide beautiful color gradation and not boring.

Advantages of the other, have the strength or flexible power press, which is very good, of 450 kg/cm2. While the usual ceramic floor only 200 kg/cm2. Its mosaic resistant to friction.

How mosaic installation:

– The floor or wall diflor average (no surge)

– Oleskan cement aditif evenly with a thickness of 1-2 mm

– Place mosaic tile, which is in the form of slabs on the spread of cement aditif

– Leave for one day, and antarkeping mosaic content with the NAT.

– Charging NAT does not need to average surface mosaic. Because NAT that will beautify the look sunken mosaic addition does not create a slippery surface.

– To fix the installation, several hours after charging NAT, clean mosaic with the brush made of nylon material.