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The type of mini-warehouse for bedroom:

1. Vessel in the Roll
Headboard can be used as a storage place for consumer goods bed sleeping.  Waton field or on the side of the ranking can be a storage drawer.  Bed can be a hollow vessel equipped sleeping purposes. Order can be lifted using a hydraulic hinges.

2. Vessel on the wall
Mini warehouse can be made in the wall behind the bed. Warehouse to store valuable goods travel purposes. Built in cupboards can be used as a storage place for a variety of clothing to bed.   Shelves that hang on the wall is a place you a placement accessories (for example: book display and ethnic objects).  Folding cupboard attached to the wall can save a mattress as well as additional equipment and labor.

3. Stand-alone Container
Wardrobe. Shaped box with a minimum width of 60cm, can be designed cabinet with several shelves and storage drawer.  Nakas table. This is a small table with a height of bed. Useful for storing accessories and completeness of the activity is small.  Box or box placed in front of the foot bed can be a hobby of the storage container. Box model should light and strong to be able to easily to move.

Bedroom With Mini Warehouse

Bedroom needs storage,the goods into the surrounding room will disrupt the atmosphere, the rhythm of sleep. Goods will be stored neatly, if we provide a special kind of storage to the right.

“Storage or mini warehouse” required to place the goods at a time to re-use them when needed. Storage also have benefits for the ease of the goods according to form, type, size and frequency of use.
Making a mini warehouse to note two things. First, the type of goods we will keep. Second, the items that we can separate depending category.

The first category can be a necessity goods such as bed to sleep. For example, a bed sheet, bed cover, pillowcase, and bolster.

The second category can be consumer goods, and work clothes to bed. For example, clothing pajamas, house dress, or shorts, T-shirt also.

Third category is things like, say only, DVD devices, novel collection, room accessories and decoration objects ethnic display.

Fourth category is the consumer goods travel (traveling) and work such as luggage bags, shoes, slippers. Hobbies include fishing equipment or photographs.

Fifth Category is the purpose of medical goods, such as medicines that we need to restore health. The place should be easy to reach when the need occurs suddenly

Design a Bathroom (Part 1)

Nowadays, the bathroom is considered as one of the rooms featured in the home. A radical change in the bathroom no less modern than the changes experienced by other spaces. Bathroom is now the one place to relax and release the pressure of daily work. These changes began in a bathroom in the house, and since then, innovations and changes in the bathroom and still continue to be improved continuously in the development.

Designing a bathroom requires a lot of attention, such as spaces that others in the house. Today, modern bathrooms not only have basic equipment such as sink and even have a lot of equipment and supplies are as neat and luxurious bath, shower room, Jacuzzi, ceramic wall and floor ceramic designers, hot cold water fountain designer, cabinet and cupboards, lighting the luxurious decoration, and so forth. Now, the bathroom is also provided with the basic completeness bathroom a fun and modern, not only provides a feeling of cleanliness and comfort for the bathroom, but also provides more comfort for people using the bathroom. With furniture and equipment are neat and comfortable, modern bathroom has become one of the rooms atmospheric relaxing and enjoyable.

Modern sink and tidy now more diverse variety of styles and forms. Also placement of sinks will increase the overall appearance bathrooms. Sink can swing on the wall, or can be placed on the table is made from wood, granite or marble, or placed on the top of a pad footing interesting, smooth and neat. Placing the sink in the bathroom will be a reflection of feelings and lifestyle show that mood can relax and not worry, that occurred while he was around.

Women Bedrooms identical with pink color that symbolizes love, the mysterious purple, or a cheerful yellow. But harmless if you want to try other colors, if you’d like a different cause. For instance, as applied in this room. Here selected as the main colors beige, which combined with the color orange and terracotta as accents. All this color to the effect of more natural and far from the impression girlie.

Then, how the rooms appear to be more feminine? One of the steps that can be done is to illustrate the interest in the elements of the room. In this room, there are flower motif on the shade tables, carpets, and walls. That can be spelled out last called the most visible and most certainly affect the atmosphere of space.

Painting on the wall-or better known by the name-mural created with the opposite color with the background color, but still same with other colors. Sizes and different types of flowers and the flow is deliberately created, the mural is visible more dynamic