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Before continue to read this article, please read the last article about Quality Estate Management part 1.

Yes, even if you live in housing market developers are finished, you have to ensure that EM must continue so that the area is carried out both forever. Of course, all the planning, development steps and efforts can be analyzed to find out more in the future of your dwelling-down and increased the selling price.

Through the EM, the developers manage the area that is often called the area of the city. Consequently, the management does not only implemented in an integrated housing in the area, but also areas such as offices and entertainment centers, golf courses, and shopping malls. Therefore, some functions of the EM is applied properly and you need to know are:

Consumer Services
Under the Customer Service division (CS), door connection between the EM and the area will always be involved with both. Other roles not least, this division is as a source that provides all the information and help complete the needs, difficulties, and the inconvenience.

Building Control
Under the Building Control Department (BCD), the function of interest in EM target construction to maintain the beauty and harmony with each region to control all activities of development and renovation.

BCD will be the entrance to the licensing activities of sustainable development. Scope of duties include the provision of building permits, the examination or a routine inspection, and renovation and construction needs accordingly with the regulations set by the government and the developers own rules, such prohibition to change the face of the building.

Health and Environmental Hygiene
Related health problems and environmental hygiene, EM will function handle various issues related to supervision and maintenance of the electricity, telephone, electrical interference and coordination and improvement of roads or water lines with other institutions such as drinking water company and electric company.

Various process control, distribution, maintenance and quality of water for the residents dwelling day-to-day is also a quality assurance EM. Including, how to become a catalyst EM supervision and maintenance of environmental safety through the concept of recycling household waste belonging to the whole of the area.

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Beautify the Minimalist Home

The Minimalist home are very well by the community that this is now practical. How do I choose the furniture and accessories that are appropriate for your home minimalist?

Maintain practical and functional elements to be key in the primary titivate minimalist home.

The selection of appropriate materials can condense to minimalist concept are presented. Furniture such as the glass combined with wrought iron or aluminum, including the many types of furniture used. In addition to the simple shapes, treatment is relatively easy to do.

Curtain was able to support the impression that you want to display in the room. With the kind of roman blind, for example, a light at the same time able to make an impression in the room that dynamic minimalist.

Design firm with a precision that is also a characteristic of the minimalist architecture and furniture. Therefore, select a table or chair that has a simple design, a little, or no Ornament. Ornament with a minimum, the treatment can be easier and more room terksesan match so relieved when applied to the home of tiny minimalist.

Minimalist also can be combined with material from the furniture or the color – the color of wood, such as brown or dark reddish brown that.

The selection of color and pattern also must be careful with, in which color flowers or colors that are too crowded or less in the match when combined minimalist home. Leave tone colors each time to add or change the accessories and furniture in one room.

Reform every accessory and furniture with care, but the room did not try to be impressive too full because it can affirm that you want to impress minimalist created. For example tidy picture frame images using a larger picture, but few in number to provide accents in the room.

Living in Multi family House

If you have ever married, to go to school at the same time, I experience a wonderful possibility of multiple families living in an apartment or house. — There are many families of the property and how the design of many peaceful coexistence of the family and other entities, such as apartments and give the feeling that you have to live in the family is actually one large. Items such as, for example, washing machine and dryer division of five families do not know what will happen underwear means you have the right to fish off the Washing Machine before starting your own laundry. Hot water heater and now is sharing means that the trigger in the early morning of each chapter. Fishing “kosubisho” every evening in the living room through the walls to hold seven clear so far, no later than the behavior on, Hakstubbl Home.

Many families living in housing and between the ideal and do not have a lot of tenants can be a means to collect the rent for the prosperity of the people. My owner, as well as current college students, and some property in town to manage the rich, outside the framework of the state and families, and the collection, handsome intellectual property rights of the owner of the course fee. . Teita expelled to make sure that people on the second floor, roof replacement, to restore the unit to another, and various other duties to perform, but at the end of this month, said he had received $ 2,500 – the second bank.

Once, when drains clogged by which I had fixed him how his family could be a very successful commercial real estate investments, many of the families. He told her family and would not necessarily have heard that the housing baronzu today, which repeal all together, even after borrowing from the extension of the family, they are still missing, but the large local bank loans. It also bought the first multi-family property is double the three daughters of an old university. The range, near the university campus like this, the family is buying the deterioration in the financial resources of the property have to go to the other side of the coin for rent Masu. This experience, my landlord families receive useful insight into some multi-family housing finance.

After several weeks, I have the opportunity to speak with my father the king, owns property with his wife and I at this point in the living room. Capital investment while enquiring about his business, I learned a little more families to finance capital investments. He said that most financial institutions to provide funds only for multi-family housing units of five or more of the loan amount, at least 50 million dollars. It seems they do not deserve the lender and less time to finance investment.

Mortgages and most families, many of the 30-year, interest rates ranging from 4.7 percent to 6,625 percent for funding of up to three million U.S. dollars. We have learned that in most cases, these “small loans” excessive lending to just over $ 3 million and known as the “maturity” of the loan, in other words, by default, the loans lender may take “resorting to” the use of private assets. Loans for more than 3 million United States dollars, the “non-recourse”, and this is private property protected by the case, the borrower default. Most financial institutions to provide an alternative, such as loans, adjustable and fixed.

Ultimately, the key to the success of this family, multiple family to invest in real estate market is not in the complaints of tenants to deal with speed, or if the comfort of living, these things to maintain business operations. The reason for its success is a full understanding of finance and investment were obtained from research facilities, experience and trial and error.

Let’s go, when we face the prospect of losing their homes as a result of the exclusion and you think you might never be able to buy elsewhere in the short term. Continue reading.

Let me share with you four steps to prepare for this shift in the way. First, if you have lost your home because of studies, or even throw in the towel. The worst thing you can do right now.

First: Get a copy of your credit report to see what a potential creditor and immediately begin making repairs to clean all violations negative, customers outside credit repair.

Secondly, while the recovery of credit, implementation of the project, a fund for emergencies. Start by saving three months after their mortgage or rent and three months of car payments, for obvious reasons.

Three: ga your bookstore, library or on the web and start training up for the purchase of a lease. I think the purchase of an occasional rental of their loans and cash. What can you do in a normal house with a small down payment and no credit check. Simply prepare for the purchase of a property along the way. That’s why you have to clean up their credit and who knows, you can start making money with this new information.

Four: Start the installation of the financial plan. Setting targets for future retirement, college for you or your child. Starting a business. Finding a financial planner who will work with you and your motivation is not to sell something that is not necessary for you to get commission.

In due course, a few years after having made a payment of rent or buy houses, build up their credit, increase credit, the destruction of an emergency fund and a financial plan designed, then you’re ready for the next purchase homes.