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After looking at various models of a minimalist home, you may ask. Do you have to choose a house or a concrete roof tile? Or choose a large glass window and a variety of other questions.

Good minimalist model is consistent with a tropical climate. Minimalist style but still have a roof. Also in choosing not only captivated by the beauty of its shape.

The important thing is to be observed spatial lay-out: whether in accordance with the climate of Indonesia or not. Beautiful, beautiful form of the house, if the layout is not suited to the needs, not forced.

The ideal space-functional space, the relationship between well-coordinated space, air can flow smoothly into the house, as well as the morning sun. Thus, the existence of ventilation openings and important in a minimalist home.

Also if the rain does not tampias house or leaking, the dry season does not heat the house. Make sure the wall is not much direct sunlight. Because, masonry walls absorb heat during the day, and released at night. Because it houses the walls were exposed to direct sunlight, it was hot in the afternoon and evening.

Indonesia- MINISTER OF National People’s Housing Yusuf Asy’ari states will divide the amount of the increase in the price of a simple home health (RSH), based on zoning. These regulations appear because the cost of housing construction and prices are not uniform in each region. The planned regulations will be reviewed before kuartall completed in 2008 is a response to a request by the increase in house prices Real estate Indonesia (REI) and the Association of Housing and Settlements Nationwide (Apersi) some time ago.

“This zoning plan because increased home prices is not uniform, as well as the price of raw materials,” he said in Jakarta after the MoU between Bapertarum and Asbanda, in Jakarta, yesterday. For Joseph, the price of building materials in Irian far more expensive than the price in Jakarta. However, he can not break down the system of division and zoning are more detailed. In the same opportunity, the Head of State Housing Savings Consideration (Bapertarum) Alisjahbana said there were no plans to increase aid advance for civil servants (PNS)

Jakarta-Indonesia. Housing national plan to develop 21 towers (tower) house owned by the simple (rusunami) in Jakarta. Some construction projects have been started in 2007.

“In Pulo Gebang six tower, tower and 10 in Cengkareng and five tower in Kemayoran,” said Director of Housing Complex Perum Himawan Arief recently.

He said, to offer location, three tower will be developed their own, while 18 other developed together with business partners through capital investment. Currently, six have entered the tower construction and tower foundation in the area of Pulo Gebang have entered the physical development.

Before deciding to buy a house or apartment, it is very important for you to consider aspects of quality. Both the physical quality of the candidates dwelling, access road and exit to the dwelling, and the surrounding environment.

That is the description of the scope of Estate Management (EM), which you should know before deciding to buy housing. EM is not only valid for the apartment. The situation and condition at this time also, should be, EM needed for housing.

EM should have been executed by the developer, began management of waste management, sustainability and social facilities, housing and community owners. Moreover, if you buy a dwelling is used as investment, the condition of physical environment is very influential role in the sale value of your dwelling.

With regard to that is the case, you need to dig up as much as possible information related to long-term development of the area next. All the planning, the steps and efforts of developers, you can further analysis in the selling price for the housing slump or you ride away.

Here are some of the discourse that you can make reference related Estate Management:

– EM conclusions can be made, whether or not the change of its master plan.

– Departure from the desire to maintain consistency master plan developer, the developer should run the EM with the full attention and special handling. If not done, you should be careful, because the potential development of the region will be organized and not wildly impressed.

– No handling of both the EM, an area often neglected dwelling and its functions, remember that now merebak, as a place of business for example.

– Weak control EM will residential building in violation of the provisions of coefficients Basic Building (CBB) or Equivalent The Building (ETB). This is related to the desire and goal you have in the residential environment, which is always neat, beautiful, and safe.

– During a residential area still standing, the role of EM will not only as supervisors, but also manages the residential area of the various services that you need as a people-related areas.

– Remember one thing, that maintain and enhance the value of a residential area is not enough just based on the design of the building or that interesting, but also the value of the area as a comfortable to live value added in the next period.