Beautify the Minimalist Home

The Minimalist home are very well by the community that this is now practical. How do I choose the furniture and accessories that are appropriate for your home minimalist?

Maintain practical and functional elements to be key in the primary titivate minimalist home.

The selection of appropriate materials can condense to minimalist concept are presented. Furniture such as the glass combined with wrought iron or aluminum, including the many types of furniture used. In addition to the simple shapes, treatment is relatively easy to do.

Curtain was able to support the impression that you want to display in the room. With the kind of roman blind, for example, a light at the same time able to make an impression in the room that dynamic minimalist.

Design firm with a precision that is also a characteristic of the minimalist architecture and furniture. Therefore, select a table or chair that has a simple design, a little, or no Ornament. Ornament with a minimum, the treatment can be easier and more room terksesan match so relieved when applied to the home of tiny minimalist.

Minimalist also can be combined with material from the furniture or the color – the color of wood, such …

Termite more harm if not immediately tackled. All insects like this can make construction house of wood so rotten, then so fragile strength. In his biography, we usually realize new to overcome them.

There are practical ways to termites, not fond of eating from the timber. By the way, with bait sentricon. This instrument consists of bait agroscience and termite detector (called the station). Both the tool is equipped with materials such as tissues as well poison the food extirpate to the termite nest. This material contains hexaflumuron such enzyme hormone. Capable of pressing food metabolism and growth of termites can result in death.

How much cost to installation the system bait sentricon? Its $16/m1 (meters steeplechase). This price includes the cost of materials, installation fee, and evaluation of success for two months. How easy installation tool. What is important is, you can set the point of termites or areas of potential live.


1. Open bait Agroscience equipment with the help of a screwdriver. Then take number barcode data to facilitate the installation and control the success of the development.
2. Pull a sheet of tissue paper. Spray water from tube sprayer (splasher) equally. Tissue papers will become soggy.…

Kartini Grand Apartements

Kartini Grand Apartments is located in Kartini Gunung Sahari Steet – Central Jakarta. – Indonesia This apartment is quite cheap and affordable price range starting with 225 million to 500 million rupiahs. Kartini Grand Apartments presents the concept apartment, office and boutique hotels.

Kartini Grand built a 28-floor building, which consists of a 300-room apartment units, 200 units of hotel rooms, and dozens of boutique office units. Apartment prices will slightly increase the price to follow the trend properties. Prices currently range 9 millions rupiahs per meter.

Features and Facilities
Facilities include a swimming pool, fitness and aerobic center, barbeque area, sauna and jacuzzi spa, function rooms, 24 hour security with CCTV, ATM centers, mini markets, drug stores, restaurants, cafes, food court, beauty center, TV cable, laundry, and business areas.…

National Housing and PT Bakrieland Development Tbk will build six towers house property (rusunami) rusunami equivalent to 2,500 units, located in the area of East New Primary Center (SPBT) Pulo Gebang, East Jakarta. Of Land Administration, which is 1.4 hectares.

“This area near the center as well Primary Baru. Then, access to transportation are also good reasons right at the edge of the toll of Foreign Lingkar (JORR), near the railway station, and later connected with the busway network,” said Hiramsyah S Thaib, President Director of Bakrieland Development Thursday (3 / 4) in Jakarta.

Rusunami selling price ranges from Rp 86-144 million per unit, with a floor area of 21 square meters, 25 meters, 30 meters, and 36 square meters. Sales officially opened on Saturday (5 / 4). According to the Sales Division Head Bakrieland Andre Makalam Rizki, the six towers rusunami this early stage, will be built in June 2008. Meanwhile, five other towers rusunami, will be built starting June 2009. “Development rusunami each tower will be completed in 18 months,” said Andre.

Near the location rusunami Bakrieland in Pulo Gebang, the towers are being built also rusunami by PT Primaland, which are now being reached four floors. About …