Indonesia- The high interest rate basis, Bank of Indonesia (BI rate “) that now reaches 9.5 percent negative impact to the property sector. The increase in the BI rate has increased the interest rate trigger bank credit and loans for the construction of KPR (credit for public house). Average (interest rate) increases by 2-3 percents.

Interest loans for the construction of KPR and the average reached 14-17 percent from the previous 12-14 percent per year. Increase the interest rate banks sertamerta not raise the selling price of the property. For, the property must also consider the ability of the people’s purchasing power. For that he expects, the BI rate should not rise again until the end of the year. The current price of the property that has not increased. This is the right time to buy property.

In addition to the increase in the BI Rate, the property sector also beaten as a result of global financial turmoil that has been crawling to Indonesia. As a result, the bank experienced liquidity difficulties so that the expansion of credit to be jammed. After more bank credit to stop the property sector. Even bank credit during this blood for the development of …

Private equity investment fund is somewhat different from REIT products. Direct investment in shares. Investment managers have the freedom to invest in stocks. Funds may be invested entirely in stocks, but because there’s motto diversification, investment managers rarely invest in one stock alone. Generally, the investment manager to invest a minimum of five shares to spread investment risk.

Private equity fund of funds is usually quite large and always hoping enough returns and standards always provide the return of about 15 percent of the lowest, and some have target rate of return of 25 percent per year.

Investment managers generally invest with these returns and when it is exceeded, will immediately seek out other markets that can provide results for the rate of return. However, the investment could remain as long as can give greater results.

On the other hand private equity fund managers typically earn a profit twice. First, profits from the stock market and the relevant countries benefit from foreign exchange company. Typically, the investment manager in the value of the relevant country’s currency is very weak so that the exchange funds and more calculations, the stock was cheap. Then the stock rises and its currency began to …

These days many people hear the various investments that are not investing as usual. Investment in real estate investment trusts, private equity, hedge funds, capital protected funds, capital guaranteed funds, and some others. Those who have sufficient funds and is known as a smart investor (smart investors), even wealthy investors called high net worth investors, already very familiar with the term.

Alternative investment means investment act outside the usual alternative. Investments made in investment instruments with a specific purpose and sufficient risk, but there is a high rate of return possible. Initial capital or not missing the due date, but the returns are not clear, indication only.

In accordance with the concept, these investments are generally expected not to cause reduced investment principal. If investors put money Rp 1 billion, the funds will go back to the period value as well. When the principal returned, returns are low and can be high. Investment returns may be higher if the investment plan in accordance with reality. For example, these investments hoping the price goes up for the future and the fact that stock prices are rising. This product returns can be quite large if the investment by the investment manager of …

Passing out Mobile Rest Home Now

Statistics show that there is a opspatten the number of people who choose to own and live in caravans. For some, the sale of mobile homes is a business, while for others it is a process in which they prefer to move from one place to another.

For the sale of mobile homes, we expect that the mobile home? A mobile home is a residential structure that was built in a factory, then transported in its entirety at. It is sometimes misleading, because only 5% of households having to leave their original position. Overall, mobile homes are purchased by the less affluent, low incomes and for them, sales of mobile homes is a good way to get your money and, indeed, a good profit.

If you have a mobile home owners, the first to emphasize that the introduction of the sale of the phone at home, doing everything you need at home. There is no urgency for the sale of mobile homes and without clear objectives to meet them. Press the real estate market trend in the region to your advantage, so that after the sale of mobile homes, you’ve made a profit.

In the process of selling mobile homes, …