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6. Development Control

Development Control, if in doing their own

Supervision of construction on the project in itself would do differently with that in doing the project by the contractor. If the project in general, do yourself the toughest supervision is supervision of labor, if using a payment system daily, if not properly supervised the project might be delayed from the schedule already determined. If using bulk power system, there is a possibility because the builders did not pay attention to quality targets such development work. Therefore to note that the system be taken daily or wholesale power, adjust our capacity as the assignor, to what extent we can control the course of the project, if we could give more time, daily payment system can take, but if we as the assignor has a limited time the entire stock system power can also be an alternative provided that made the agreement about the quality of the work when it is not capable of unloading at no charge.

The risks above are the most common thing when doing the job units own with the help of artisans directly without the services of contractors, in addition to other risks such as the …

4. Taking care licensing

Once we have a picture of their building plans, the next stage is the stage where we start taking care of licensing of Houses development plan, namely to take care of Building Permit (IMB) in government agencies from the village, district to the mayor. The land area also determines the extent to which we take care of the IMB, for the vast land of less than 200 M2 IMB generally quite managed to district, but if we land area of more than 200 M2 arrangements can be up to the Mayor.

The following are the terms of the need to take care of building permit (Permit Established a building is likely):

* Copy of ID card applicants
* Letter of authorization if signing is not done by the applicant himself
* Copy of proof of ownership of Land which was ratified by the competent authority
* Copy Image Building Plan with an explanation
* Copy of the settlement of the United Nations (Land and Building Tax) final
* Fill out a form that is provided in the district or the mayor
* Permit neighbors for multistory buildings.

5. Process Development Agreement

Process Development Agreement is a …