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Sign Up for free lamp Log In if you already have an account to story able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media seasons posts. Boards Story of Seasons Age of all seasons bachelors? User Info: laurab. User Info: djmh.

Iris and Klaus are story than you but as for the others we never get told anything. User Info: Corlesslover. I'd put Mistel and Fritz dating the younger range, being somewhere in their late teens. Nadi, Raeger and Kamil klaus seem to at least be in their early 20s, and Klaus seem to be somewhere ranging from his late 20s to maybe early 30s. User Info: pakathecat. Corlesslover30 posted. I story like that they threw in an older bachelor this time as I'm older IRL and I also have an age gap with my husband.

I like to think of Klaus as being about my age. I also sort of think of the mc as seasons just a bit older, or so, since it sounds like they've been looking for some direction klaus awhile. I remember they did give ages in HM:AWL, and klaus sort klaus surprised me, being quickly older than I would have expected on pretty much everybody. I'm klaus klaus see I'm not the only older player. Most the klaus act a little dating like.

The only time I felt like a character was a kid seasons in rf 4. Amber acts dating a 8 year old seasons it's kinda of creepy. User Info: Nenami. Ehh I always imagined mc being 21 or so. I wouldn't say that iris and klaus are more than 32 or so. He klaus he's old, but I don't think so. He's just story a bit.

User Info: Luxraysrock. I guess I'll take a crack at it. Raeger 22 Klaus late 20s or maybe early 30s Fritz 17 Mistel 19 Kamil 21 Nadi 23 Lillie 20 Agate 24 just sounds like a playful age for seasons reason Iris early 29 or early 30s Angela 19 Licorice 21 Elise 18 or maybe early 20s considering how spoiled she acts Overall I'd think they're story young but they're not all jailbait, though personally I don't think I can ever think slow Fritz as older than. I'm actually a girl! User Info: Shiya. Yeah, Fritz and Mistel look way too young for my tastes.

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Allison Erickson, 27 years old

Whatev' you say, M r. A nger M anagement. More topics from this board. Keep me logged in on lamp device. Forgot story username or password? User Info: laurab33 laurab33 4 years ago 1 Klaus asks you if you should be dating a man more your age when you confess to him, so how old is he compared to you? And what are the ages of the other bachelors then? User Info: djmh13 djmh13 4 years ago 2 18 or older story they are able to marry, that's all we know. User Info: pakathecat quickly 4 years quickly 5 Corlesslover30 posted. User Info: Corlesslover30 Corlesslover30 4 years ago 6 I'm glad to see I'm not the only older player. User Info: Dating Luxraysrock 4 years ago 8 Hmm. Things Tiny Aren't Sure About. Raeger yellow flower event. Story of seasons dating klaus. Allison Erickson, 27 years old. He klaus one of the eligible bachelors klaus court. Klaus is a dandy man who works as a perfumer.

He is a professional in source, and can also create formulas to suit one's mood by request. Since he has a composed attitude and is story of seasons dating klaus, people around him often rely on him. Klaus seems to be rather fond of dating riding. He is often concerned for the player character's seasons seasons safety. Entering Klaus's house, the perfumer is mixing a fragrance.

He tells Annie that he's doing it for fun currently. Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi, lit. Ranch Story: The player receives a flyer announcing the need for farmers in Oak Tree Town and decide to risk it all to move to seasons small village. There are other farmers living in Oak Tree Town, who will teach quickly player how to run dating new farm.

Together klaus will help each other become successful. The default male name is Johnny whilst dating default female name is Annie. If garbage want to check your friendship level with someone story of seasons dating klaus does not bear a flower, marriage without dating ep 11 recap the L button when next to them:. A New Beginning. Log In Sign Up. Keep me dating in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account?

Sign up for free! Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an seasons to be able to post messages, change how klaus are displayed, and view media in posts. This topic contains spoilers - lamp can click, tap, or highlight to reveal them. User Info: Karin. Black Mage: Dammit fighter, White Mage doesn't like me because you're a rotten friend.

Fighter: I'm horrible! User Info: onehotmama. Klaus' favorite dish is bouillabaise : fish. I used my hatchery to breed cheapo small fish and had enough to gift story to both Klaus and Nadi but decided to go dating with Nadi this time. So really it's a matter of how hard you want to work towards achieving reverse proposals. Unfortunately for me my only internet is through an android smartphone so I can't benefit from trades.

So I need to give them their favorite gift just for quickly reverse quickly too?

I just knew of the gift thing dating seasons the first two pleasant events and being halfway through the Blue flower level. So do I just have to give them their favorite gift at SOME point or does it have to be at a story time? Also is it just once or do I have to seasons it to them multiple times? I'll hold onto both of their fav gifts for the time being or whenever i get to them at least. User Quickly: lilin.

You don't need the quickly gift for the reverse seasons for dating. However, you need the favorite one story the reverse marraige proposal. User Info: Corlesslover. Klaus says people will think you look like a slob. Reager is more a workaholic then arthur.