After looking at various models of a minimalist home, you may ask. Do you have to choose a house or a concrete roof tile? Or choose a large glass window and a variety of other questions.

Good minimalist model is consistent with a tropical climate. Minimalist style but still have a roof. Also in choosing not only captivated by the beauty of its shape.

The important thing is to be observed spatial lay-out: whether in accordance with the climate of Indonesia or not. Beautiful, beautiful form of the house, if the layout is not suited to the needs, not forced.

The ideal space-functional space, the relationship between well-coordinated space, air can flow smoothly into the house, as well as the morning sun. Thus, the existence of ventilation openings and important in a minimalist home.

Also if the rain does not tampias house or leaking, the dry season does not heat the house. Make sure the wall is not much direct sunlight. Because, masonry walls absorb heat during the day, and released at night. Because it houses the walls were exposed to direct sunlight, it was hot in the afternoon and evening.