Let’s go, when we face the prospect of losing their homes as a result of the exclusion and you think you might never be able to buy elsewhere in the short term. Continue reading.

Let me share with you four steps to prepare for this shift in the way. First, if you have lost your home because of studies, or even throw in the towel. The worst thing you can do right now.

First: Get a copy of your credit report to see what a potential creditor and immediately begin making repairs to clean all violations negative, customers outside credit repair.

Secondly, while the recovery of credit, implementation of the project, a fund for emergencies. Start by saving three months after their mortgage or rent and three months of car payments, for obvious reasons.

Three: ga your bookstore, library or on the web and start training up for the purchase of a lease. I think the purchase of an occasional rental of their loans and cash. What can you do in a normal house with a small down payment and no credit check. Simply prepare for the purchase of a property along the way. That’s why you have to clean up their credit and who knows, you can start making money with this new information.

Four: Start the installation of the financial plan. Setting targets for future retirement, college for you or your child. Starting a business. Finding a financial planner who will work with you and your motivation is not to sell something that is not necessary for you to get commission.

In due course, a few years after having made a payment of rent or buy houses, build up their credit, increase credit, the destruction of an emergency fund and a financial plan designed, then you’re ready for the next purchase homes.