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If you like living in an low income apartment, you may want to continue doing so when you hear of many of the benefits that are associated with apartment living. There are quite a few to help you feel that this may easily be your best move and it can be a great way to keep you motivated to live in an apartment.

One of the benefits to some people, not to all, just depends on how you feel about it, would be being around people. If you enjoy living around a lot of people, then you will want to consider living in section 8 housing because there are a lot of people in these areas. Some people may see that more of a benefit than others, it hugely depends on how you may view the situation.

Another benefit would certainly be the flexibility when you rent. There are many advantages to not being tied down to a huge mortgage, but it is up to the individual if they should make this decision. When you rent an apartment, you are much more likely to find it to be quite easier to pick up and leave if you need to do so. If you own a home, you will have a much harder time doing so.

It is really best for each person to decide which way they should go if it should be renting or owning. This is a huge decision as there are benefits to both and you may want to seriously take a long look at the pros and cons of each situation prior to making any definite plans. This is something that will really require thought to help you make the best decision you possibly can and one you will be content with down the road.

Having small houses now become the choice of many young couples. Interesting out the interior order to remain visible area of the house. Inspiring the modern style of Japanese supermarket practical and concise as 49 type of home you can try.


Ventilation which often lack the constraints on the type of small houses. To overcome them, the house is designed with a high ceiling in the living room and family rooms, equivalent to building one and a half floors. Thus, air and sunlight can enter the maximum from the top. It feel more space field.

Dimension be measured because of the high-ceiling, wall bore visible on the left if it appears empty. The part is then processed by adding layers of the wall panel material multiplexer in teak wood-finishing melamik natural color. Games and field layout short-chairs that serve as elements for furniture room. Placed underneath a table in the TV oblong with low wipe brown color of old wood. Choice of wood materials to the effect that warm room.

Reinforce the concept of modern Japan, selected two sofas, the holder resembles the model BENCH. Cantilever a short sofa with wooden seats in the top of the holder, while the rest directly attached to the wall painted the color of milk chocolate. Although large sofa view this as a minor part underneath empty. Placed in the corner table and decorative lights beraksen natural wood color. Placed in front of a coffee table in a table model of typical Japanese tatami that simple.

Sequence with a guest room dining room is placed with a set of table and four chairs, the size of tiny. Panel on the wall that background the focus of interest in this area. The composition of field boxes that exit-entry strengthened with the natural color.

After looking at various models of a minimalist home, you may ask. Do you have to choose a house or a concrete roof tile? Or choose a large glass window and a variety of other questions.

Good minimalist model is consistent with a tropical climate. Minimalist style but still have a roof. Also in choosing not only captivated by the beauty of its shape.

The important thing is to be observed spatial lay-out: whether in accordance with the climate of Indonesia or not. Beautiful, beautiful form of the house, if the layout is not suited to the needs, not forced.

The ideal space-functional space, the relationship between well-coordinated space, air can flow smoothly into the house, as well as the morning sun. Thus, the existence of ventilation openings and important in a minimalist home.

Also if the rain does not tampias house or leaking, the dry season does not heat the house. Make sure the wall is not much direct sunlight. Because, masonry walls absorb heat during the day, and released at night. Because it houses the walls were exposed to direct sunlight, it was hot in the afternoon and evening.

Kartini Grand Apartements

Kartini Grand Apartments is located in Kartini Gunung Sahari Steet – Central Jakarta. – Indonesia This apartment is quite cheap and affordable price range starting with 225 million to 500 million rupiahs. Kartini Grand Apartments presents the concept apartment, office and boutique hotels.

Kartini Grand built a 28-floor building, which consists of a 300-room apartment units, 200 units of hotel rooms, and dozens of boutique office units. Apartment prices will slightly increase the price to follow the trend properties. Prices currently range 9 millions rupiahs per meter.

Features and Facilities
Facilities include a swimming pool, fitness and aerobic center, barbeque area, sauna and jacuzzi spa, function rooms, 24 hour security with CCTV, ATM centers, mini markets, drug stores, restaurants, cafes, food court, beauty center, TV cable, laundry, and business areas.