Although the house has been styled in such a way-not using the screen, using tiny classified furniture, walls, or be painted with bright colors-but it looks crowded, you may forget a few small things that can be a Boomerang for home interior regulation.

What’s wrong? Try more precise, has tidy up your goods, such as the following?


Do you dress to spread over the room, not only in the cupboard? There is a corner depending on the room, behind doors and even still have a cupboard that you store clothes. Perhaps this time to choose all your clothes and store only the absolutely necessary. In general, clothing that is used day-to-day covers only 20 percent of the overall clothing. In other words, about 80 percent of the clothes that you have rarely used and only add the stack to make a cupboard or bedroom look more narrow. With donate, additional locker room is no longer necessary so that meat can be out of your room. Room felt more relieved not?


Unconsciously, a variety of cooking equipment in the kitchen is often only a mere display is never used. Corner is a full kitchen with toaster, blender, microwave and others. There will be problems when the equipment is actually used. But if not, the goods are only an enemy in the hull of the neat kitchen. It is a good idea if the goods are first stored in a special place. (in the cupboard, for example) so that kitchen seen more relieved.

Newspapers and magazines

When you subscribe to the newspaper or magazine, if it’s good to do cleaning on a regular basis so that newspaper and magazine not high pile in a corner of the room. In addition to eating places, this bundle is also a source of disease due to dust attached.


Not infrequently, parents move their obsolete furniture. Indeed, it seems antic and unique-especially when made from teak wood with carvings typical goods-but sometimes also only become real sir, never used. If it is not used anymore, or think to sell it or to move out.

Goods memories

For some people, to remove certain items with a sticky past made very heavy. While these items will only multiply and make the room look small. Perform regular choice goods and Remove items that are no longer meaningful. For example, limited this storage box is 1-2 only.