The recent slowdown in the world has witnessed one million shares of “Every Day” investors, like fingers badly burned. The nightlife are immediate savings, pension funds are in crisis and the economic outlook for all of us who had invested money in shares is dark to say very little.

As a direct result of investors in their thousands turned its back on Russian markets and the search for other groups of assets to invest, when his hard-earned money. This led to an increase in global markets for real estate and property prices, and gave birth to a generation of inexperienced real estate investors.

For those of you, if it is too late for the company to invest in real estate or the best way of doing things most important feature of the investment, here are 5 tips for a successful real estate investment in a possible date back!

1) considered as property investment abroad

Relatively large markets for goods that are not used in countries around the world, real estate investors more return on investment in the form of income or dividends in the short and medium term growth of capital.

While major markets in the United States, Britain, Australia and Europe is slowing, is owned by emerging markets in the world who are hungry for investment and is very useful.

For example, in 2007, several countries have already agreed to join the European Union and as a result of real estate markets in these countries are able to attract more visitors, more trade, more investment in infrastructure and a stable economy. At the same Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey and northern Cyprus are only some examples of overseas destinations for new markets for real estate, which may deserve your attention.

2) Make sure your projects are profitable

This seems ridiculously simple right? Well, you would be surprised how few people actually ensure that their plans are really sustainable and profitable, because hope.

Think of the property, initially by comparing the values of properties throughout the city, country or region, and ensure that you know what your money can buy. Hence, ensuring that the rental income from its plan to call their own realistic, or that he wants the price goes to the description of the goods on offer.

3) Do not assume that

This is a house is structurally sound to accept that the tax is not going to change tenants Cree you that if they say they are proud and honored home builder approval of the first date!

Is your due diligence regarding any aspect of the implementation of the price of a home is reasonable to ensure that your tax adviser before you. This is your investment, its future, its potential benefits, and ultimately it is your responsibility.

4) hire an expert in doubt

Few people are masters of all routes would be willing to recognize that the area where Monday is far from an expert, and at least consider the court a second opinion. Again, this is the structural stability of real estate to understand the legal consequences of letting their premises. When in doubt always double-checking, and if this means that you should call an expert, be sure to call an expert!

5) and realistic budget to finish

If you buy a property for the purchase of a property or repair, you must sit down and add in each region of the estimated cost to provide a realistic budget.

Make sure you have all sought in the investigation, legal fees, cost accounting, insurance, and probably the interest rate on the necessary financial resources, taxation, connecting utilities, commercial tenants or buyers, real estate broker fees, and do not forget to add the prices of goods and the cost of repair and modernization and major operations are necessary.

Save time for each of the regions where the cost will be made and all information about the payment, probably will have to do, and with the arm Bullet Proof budget and do everything in its power to ensure that there is a bad surprise.