Before continue to read this article, please read the last article about Quality Estate Management part 1.

Yes, even if you live in housing market developers are finished, you have to ensure that EM must continue so that the area is carried out both forever. Of course, all the planning, development steps and efforts can be analyzed to find out more in the future of your dwelling-down and increased the selling price.

Through the EM, the developers manage the area that is often called the area of the city. Consequently, the management does not only implemented in an integrated housing in the area, but also areas such as offices and entertainment centers, golf courses, and shopping malls. Therefore, some functions of the EM is applied properly and you need to know are:

Consumer Services
Under the Customer Service division (CS), door connection between the EM and the area will always be involved with both. Other roles not least, this division is as a source that provides all the information and help complete the needs, difficulties, and the inconvenience.

Building Control
Under the Building Control Department (BCD), the function of interest in EM target construction to maintain the beauty and harmony with each region to control all activities of development and renovation.

BCD will be the entrance to the licensing activities of sustainable development. Scope of duties include the provision of building permits, the examination or a routine inspection, and renovation and construction needs accordingly with the regulations set by the government and the developers own rules, such prohibition to change the face of the building.

Health and Environmental Hygiene
Related health problems and environmental hygiene, EM will function handle various issues related to supervision and maintenance of the electricity, telephone, electrical interference and coordination and improvement of roads or water lines with other institutions such as drinking water company and electric company.

Various process control, distribution, maintenance and quality of water for the residents dwelling day-to-day is also a quality assurance EM. Including, how to become a catalyst EM supervision and maintenance of environmental safety through the concept of recycling household waste belonging to the whole of the area.

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