2. Finding information on the price of building, architectural models or trend

Once we have the perfect place where we will build a house, then the next stage is to gather information as possible about their building plans, gather information on current construction prices, browse products building materials, e.g. with a walk in the super market building materials, where we can see the shape and price of building materials. What is important to gather as much information about Home is, to see trends emerging architecture today, for example by looking at housing exhibitions, read magazines or tabloids housing, you can also find information via the INTERNET about housing etc Your way to gather information about the building of the house.

3. Search for Architects to help create the design house

If we are sick, we seek a doctor to cure our diseases, if we do has an car and broken then we are looking for a mechanic to fix our car. And who do we need if we want to build a house? of course we’re looking for an architect. Sometimes a lot of people think what we have to pay an architect, but we just want to build a …

All people must aspire and desire to have his own house might be a way to buy through a developer or build your own.

Maybe if you plan on buying a house so through your developer did not have too much trouble with the process as people who want to build a house yourself, you just come to the location of housing you want, come to the marketing section, select the cluster that you want and complete.

In contrast to the process if you want to build their own house either uses the services of architect / contractor or does their own.

Well here are some things that needed to build the house to keep things running smoothly, you must provide funds in addition of course.

1. Choosing the location of the land,

Choosing a location where the house that we will wake up is a job that demands a precision, not only technical aspects, as well as several other aspects that contribute to determine, such as economic aspects, the achievement is also another aspect that can become a basis for the choice location of the land on which we will build the house later.

Economic Aspects: Maybe the economy …

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