Indonesia- The high interest rate basis, Bank of Indonesia (BI rate “) that now reaches 9.5 percent negative impact to the property sector. The increase in the BI rate has increased the interest rate trigger bank credit and loans for the construction of KPR (credit for public house). Average (interest rate) increases by 2-3 percents.

Interest loans for the construction of KPR and the average reached 14-17 percent from the previous 12-14 percent per year. Increase the interest rate banks sertamerta not raise the selling price of the property. For, the property must also consider the ability of the people’s purchasing power. For that he expects, the BI rate should not rise again until the end of the year. The current price of the property that has not increased. This is the right time to buy property.

In addition to the increase in the BI Rate, the property sector also beaten as a result of global financial turmoil that has been crawling to Indonesia. As a result, the bank experienced liquidity difficulties so that the expansion of credit to be jammed. After more bank credit to stop the property sector. Even bank credit during this blood for the development of the property. Currently only the State Savings Bank (BTN), which is still diligent gave credit to the property sector.

In 2009, the BI rate in accordance with the assumption, namely 7.5 percent. If that is achieved then it is sure the property sector will be re-enthuse.