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Security Environment
Under the coordination Protective Service Department (PSD), this function is not only the security environment, but also to provide assurance of the comfort area. Synergy between the PSD and the BCD is also required. This synergy will orderly violation of the rules development or renovation.

Relations Society
Social needs such as the administration of residence and the form of the area will be the scope of EM. Specifically, to address various issues related to the needs of the government bureaucracy will management such as ID cards, payment UN, moving house, marriage, and so forth, including the settlement of disputes related to environmental disturbances around

Community Development
Executed by the Community Development Department (CCD), the EM is expected to fully serve and support the activities of area residents by providing various means of media and information.

This information can include activities that cater specifically to people of the region such as the day-to-day with large, clean environment, the structure of the organization and so forth.

Coordination and good communication between the CCD and is expected to improve the quality of residential houses that have been purchased. Function is also not excluded that the owner of the house is not habitable. Besides providing security on the condition of the abandoned house, it certainly supports the home owner selling house-related value.

After Sales Service

During the warranty period is still in, the various problems or damage to the building are under the sales division, which is not the only problem The receipt building is complete.

Various charges related managerial functions such as water bills, trash, and security will also become a burden EM. In addition to facilitate the community, the benefit function can be a source of operational income EM, as the fund management of water supply, hygiene and environmental security