Kartini Grand Apartments is located in Kartini Gunung Sahari Steet – Central Jakarta. – Indonesia This apartment is quite cheap and affordable price range starting with 225 million to 500 million rupiahs. Kartini Grand Apartments presents the concept apartment, office and boutique hotels.

Kartini Grand built a 28-floor building, which consists of a 300-room apartment units, 200 units of hotel rooms, and dozens of boutique office units. Apartment prices will slightly increase the price to follow the trend properties. Prices currently range 9 millions rupiahs per meter.

Features and Facilities
Facilities include a swimming pool, fitness and aerobic center, barbeque area, sauna and jacuzzi spa, function rooms, 24 hour security with CCTV, ATM centers, mini markets, drug stores, restaurants, cafes, food court, beauty center, TV cable, laundry, and business areas.